・TALA and Ecology

TALA and NGO community support

TALA is working with  the environment NGO "Cordillera Green Network(CGN)" which makes it different from other guesthouses. We use special things that are harmless to the environment.


We collect and sort out garbage according to type.

We use dish detergent and hand soap from Human Nature, ecological store.We also sell eco-bags too.


Cordiliera Green Network(CGN) was established in 2001. We plant trees and educate people about the environment in Cordiliera mountainous district. CGN connects to other NGOs in the Philippines. We are also thinking about using other NGO products in TALA.


The towels we sell in the gift shop at TALA are made by Salt Payatas Foundation which support the people living at Payatas Dumpsite.

Furthermore, the brooms that we sell are made by indigenous  people in Kadakuran, Barlig. Mt. Provice. 

Coffee at TALA

TALA and NGO community support

Cordillera Green Network's one of activity is agroforestry coffee growing as environmental protection and improvement life of aborigines.


You can enjoy our coffee freely at TALA. We sell the coffee at gift shop in TALA. It's good for a souvenir.

Naomi Matsumoto (Syoko) founded Sinag Arts Foundation in 1998 in Manila for the improvement of skills of stage lighting in the Philippines. 


She has changed her workplace from the Philippines to Taiwan and she gave the lights she designed for TALA. 

An Ifugao designer used Japanese traditional paper in making these lights. 

TALA and organic

Wood furniture at TALA

Cordillera Green Network trains people how to use organic farmingl in growing coffee and vegetables.
Nowadays some groups from foreign countries such as the Ministry of Agriculture and JICA also administer this way of agriculture which makes people get organic vegetables easily in Baguio and La Trinidad. We can give some information about this so please feel free to ask us. We can arrange a one-day tour to organic farms.

We want to provide a good space where you comfortable stay with warm heart and peace of mind in TALA.


We asked a craftsman to make beds, side tables and a dining set with their original designs.

The folding table, the cupboard and a side table were made out of the waste materials.

Art at TALA

Cordillera Green Network(CGN) gives environment educational workshops utilizing art every years since it was set-up in 2001. Some Japanese artists participated in these programs. 


Ms.Haruka Furusaka, Japanese woodprint artist also joined some of our workshops before. Some of her works are seen in the guest rooms. They make our heart peaceful.  



・We welcome a wide range of visitors, from backpackers for short stay to parents with small children for a long stay.

・You can be relaxed in the big shared space and children can also play there.

・There are simple but clean and comfortable rooms.


・There are some books (English and Japanese) and toys in the living room.


・We have some cooking wares and tablewares in the shared kitchens.

・We can guide tours about culture and nature in the mountains in the Cordillera.